Races of Threa

There are many races populating Threa, each has their own culture that the majority of them share.
The Great Races
The Great Races are the seven most common races that rule much of Threa’s surface.
Dragons- The first of the Great Races. Dragons were created by Jotaen, the Equalizer who believed that the dragons should be balanced and so he gave them equal potential for good or evil. Most dragons do hoard treasure, but this may not always be physical treasures. Some have begun to look towards allying themselves with other races. Not all dragons worship Jotaen, even though he created them. Many will worship whatever god they like most, similar to the other races.

Elves- The second of the Great Races. The elves were created by Ilensia, the Mage and as such tend to be more connected to the arcane than most other races. They have built their cities in the forests of Threa and value patience above all else. The elves can wait for centuries for events to occur. They tend to worship Ilensia above all other gods though many worship Len’ean for the creation of the woods. The elves created many of the holidays that are celebrated across Threa. Their culture tends to consist of monarchies, though sometimes how the next monarch is chosen confuses the other races. In times of war, elven armies are swift and tend to use guerrilla tactics until conditions favor them when they will strike. Some major elven cities: Inerii (in the Leiene Forest), Ywen (in the Antain Forest), and Arina (in Len’ean’s Grove).
The Drow- Aphrak meddled with the elves and created the Drow, which he quickly hid below the surface. They were later discovered by the dwarves. Their culture is similar to elven culture, though it has become perverted from the order of the elven court.

Dwarves- The third of the Great Races. The dwarves were created by Huran Goldenhelm in the depths of Threa. They have great love of mining and delving into the depths of Threa. They see themselves as like the stones they mine through, hard and unyielding, but with something unique hidden inside. They love to create and many dwarven cities have a likeness of Furani marking the forges and craft halls. In times of war they form impenetrable shield walls to hold off their foes with lances and pikes. Of the other Great Races they get along with the gnomes the best, seeing in them a similar love for the depths. Dwarven culture consists of monarchies where the eldest child usually will ascend to the throne upon the death or retirement of the previous ruler. Some major dwarven cities: Mykean (in the Leiene Mountains), Lildúr (in the Frask Mountains) and Adarak (in the Keric Mountains).
Deep Dwarves- Similar to the Drow, Aphrak meddled and created the Deep Dwarves and quickly hid them deep below the surface. They have regular trade with the Drow and remained hidden until dwarven miners stumbled upon them.

Orcs- The fourth of the Great Races. The orcs were created by Kathrán, the Wanderer in the deserts of Threa. The orcs are a nomadic race that roam the plains and deserts of Threa. They only have one permanent city, Irunik in Kathrán’s Wastes were various orcish tribes will gather periodically to manage arguments and other problems as well as trade and share news. The orcs original love of a good fight was secretly altered by Aphrak which lead to orcs raiding villages and other settlements. This has lead to some animosity between orcs and elves and dwarves, though this has become more of a thing only certain tribes actively participate in, the others tend to be traders and explorers. During
wars, orcs will raid enemy cities often burning them to the ground and destroying them.

Halflings- The fifth of the Great Races. Halflings were created by Rean the Guardian. Halflings are the calmest and friendliest of the races. They tend to form small villages consisting of several farmsteads. Each town has a single guard tower that is managed by all Halflings of the village. These towers were created during Aphrak’s Darkness. Halflings rarely arm themselves, only in defense of their homes or during a truly massive conflict. When they do go to war, Halfling armies rarely end up being remembered by history, though they do great things. Some major Halfling towns: Held, Norrit, Gablebrook.

Gnomes- The sixth of the Great Races. The gnomes were created by Thyn, the Trickster. Gnomes love playing practical jokes on the other races, usually these are harmless, though they can go badly. Gnomes often live near places that they can do some tunneling. These tunnels are often both paths between major buildings for bad weather and defenses against attacks. During wars, gnomes tend to stay at home and trap the tunnels so that invaders attempting to get through are quickly repelled. Some major gnomish towns: Snirl, Rensi, and Turne.

Humans- The seventh and assumed final of the Great Races. Humanity was created during Aphrak’s Darkness by Ilensia, Huran, Kathrán, and Jotaen and as such have many similarities between the four races. Humanity has spread to all the various parts of Threa since the war and have built many major cities. Each location that humanity is in now though has developed its own culture and therefore it is difficult to describe humanity as a whole. Some major human cities: Raven’s Peak, Grendear, and Southward.

Races of Threa

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