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  • Kathrán's Wastes and Irunik

    The ship came along side and the zombie crew threw grapnels across to bind the ships together. The party and crew fought of the zombies, but they just kept coming. Suddenly the two ships tilted after Seylum fell to a zombies attacks due to the dragon eel …

  • Welcome to your campaign!

    The party had traveled all the way from the Erina river to the port city of Tranic. They woke as captives aboard a pirate vessel disguised as a merchant ship. Ava, [[:thraya | Thraya Sand]] and [[:seylum-amber | Seylum Amber]] fought their way up to the …

  • The Whistling Plains and Snirl

    After fleeing from the Skuirids, the party reaches the Whistling Plains. They decide to start out along the sea road to the gnomish port of Snirl. The first night they encounter a group of gnoll bounty hunters that try to take the party captive. Though …

  • Home Page

    Chapter one of the Rise of the Kingdoms Campaign; The gathering of Heroes. The origin of the heroes who began the creation of the kingdom of Meceso. It begins with the heroes gathered in the port city of Tranic near the end of the Channel of Unthra and …

  • Main Page

    [[Races of Threa]] [[The Gods of Threa]] [[The Magic of Threa]] [[Important Locations]] [[Myths]]

  • Races of Threa

    There are many races populating Threa, each has their own culture that the majority of them share. The Great Races The Great Races are the seven most common races that rule much of Threa's surface. Dragons- The first of the Great Races. Dragons were …

  • The Gods of Threa

    The Pantheon of Threa. Each god is celebrated on the first day of summer as that is the day the gods are believed to have finished the creation of Threa. [[Aphrak, the Deceiver]] [[Anasosan]] [[Dryn]], The Paladin/ The Avenger [[Erda]] [[ …

  • The Magic of Threa

    Arcane Magic The capability to cast arcane magic generally first manifests itself at an early age. It usually then takes several years for someone to figure out how to use these powers, but by the time they have, they have developed their own unique …

  • Important Locations

    Tranic: A small port city at the southern end of the Channel of Unthra and next to the Senic Mountains. Tranic is in the Khran Kingdom. The Senic Mountains: A large mountain range along the Channel of Unthra. It is often inhabited by strange creatures, …

  • Aphrak, the Deceiver

    Aphrak is the god of darkness and power. He was one of the major causes of Xansanc’s betrayal of the other gods. He also attempted to take control of Threa several centuries ago. He has created many of the creatures that hide in the shadows. His symbol is …

  • Anasosan

    Anasosan is the snake goddess of chaos. She dwells at the peak of the mountain named for her in the Leiene mountains. She desires the return to the world as it was before the great races came and began to create civilizations. Her symbol is a rainbow …

  • Erda

    Erda is the goddess of the Earth. She began the creation of Threa and is the mother of Ilensia, Huran, and Kathrán. Her symbol is a simple brown stone.

  • Furani, the Artisan

    Furani is the goddess of fire and creativity. She created the sun and worked with Ydran on the creation of the Sun-moon. She is celebrated on the summer solstice. Her symbol is a hammer surrounded by flames.

  • Gatran

    Gatran is the god of Ice and winter. He fashioned the polar icecaps and is the herald of winter. He is celebrated on the winter solstice. His symbol is a spiral icicle.

  • Huran Goldenhelm

    Huran is the god of Dwarves and mining. He created the dwarves as the third eldest of the Great Races. During Aphrak’s reign of darkness, he helped create the human race. His symbol is a golden helmet with a diamond in the middle.

  • Ilensia, the Mage

    Ilensia is the goddess of elves and magic. Ilensia created the elves as the second eldest of the Great Races. During Aphrak’s reign of darkness, she helped create the human race. Her symbol is a silver staff and tree.

  • Kathrán, the Wanderer

    Kathrán is the god of orcs and wanderers. He wandered Threa for centuries before creating the orcs as the fourth eldest of the Great Races. During Aphrak’s reign of darkness, he helped create the human race. His symbol is a bronze compass and staff.

  • Dryn

    Dryn is the dual god of warfare. Dryn is the god of victory/ goddess of slaughter. As the Paladin, his symbol is a round shield with a sword behind it. As the Avenger, her symbol is two crossed swords.

  • Isani

    Isani is the goddess of both healing and poisons. Her symbol is a white snake intertwined with a green one.

  • Jotaen, the Equalizer

    Jotaen is the god of dragons and balance. He created dragons as the first of the Great Races. During Aphrak’s reign of darkness, he helped create the human race. His symbol is a circle with wings on either side, one red and black the other white and gold.

  • Odryna, the Protector

    Odryna is the goddess of the dead. She protects the souls of those who die and keeps what the afterlife is like a secret by wiping the memory of any who return from death. Her symbol is a lantern with seven lights inside.

  • Len,ean

    Len’ean is the goddess of nature. Her symbol is a slender green tree.

  • Rean, the Guardian

    Rean is the god of Halflings and the hearth. He created the Halflings as the fifth of the Great Races. During Aphrak’s reign of Darkness, he urged the Halflings to defend the free parts of the world, though they caused few legends themselves. This earned …

  • Senae

    Senae is the goddess of water. She created all the aquatic species, though none would be known as one of the Great Races. Her symbol is blue waves.

  • Thyn, the Trickster

    Thyn is the god of tricksters and gnomes. He created the gnomes as the sixth of the Great Races. His symbol is an open lock.

  • Wissen, the Scholar

    Wissen is the god of knowledge and prophecy. He created an island for a being named Norkan who he charged with recording all of history. He is one of the few gods who still roam Threa. His symbol is a scroll.

  • Xansanc, the Necromancer

    Xansanc is the god of undeath. At the urging of Aphrak, he betrayed Odryna and created necromancy and many types of undead. His symbol is a skull with red stones in its eyes.

  • Myths

    Long ago, when the dragons and elves were still young and the dwarves were just emerging, Furani, the Artisan had set to work on what she believed would be a true work of art. She toiled for many a year hammering metals together until she had created a …

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