Rise of the Kingdoms: Gathering of Heroes

The Whistling Plains and Snirl

After fleeing from the Skuirids, the party reaches the Whistling Plains. They decide to start out along the sea road to the gnomish port of Snirl. The first night they encounter a group of gnoll bounty hunters that try to take the party captive. Though Ava is nearly slain, the group kills all of the gnolls and decides to risk the Plains.
The Plains are full of strange stones that keen in the wind. The party looks at one seeing strange symbols on it, that Seylum copies down. They pass by an abandoned Halfling watchtower from Aphrak’s Darkness and spend an uncomfortable night listening to the keening.
The next day, they travel through Xyniaath. Seylum and Thraya both end up losing wisdom from the sound of the immense monoliths and the party is attacked by a pair of bizarre creatures, looking like long blobs of pale flesh with four spider-like legs and a pair of tentacles on their faces. Though they defeat the abominations, Thraya nearly goes insane and refuses treatment for injuries, insisting that she is fine. She also begins hearing whispering in her head and begins asking to see the symbols Seylum copied down. Seylum refuses and they push on to the banks of the South Carin River where they make camp.
Thraya refuses to sleep and stays up as the others keep watch. During Seylum’s the party is attacked by a strange creature resembling a large hairless wolf, except it has no head, instead it has a long sinuous neck ending in a toothy maw in the middle of its body and was covered in tattoos similar to the symbols on the keening stones.
It made strange noises during the battle and defeated Thraya, though the others slew the creature and resuscitated Thraya.
They quickly decided to continue south to the bridge across the river and entered Snirl at dawn. They were healed at a temple to Isani, despite Thraya’s protests. The next day was spent at various temples and that afternoon Seylum went and sold the shadow pit from the Skuirids while Thraya and Ava went carousing. Thraya ended up in a drunken fight with a dwarf and lost.
On the morn, they chartered a ship and Seylum was scammed in a gnomish apothecary. They set out after making offerings to Senae for a safe journey and prayers to Thyn for pranks on the party and problems for their foes.
That night the party had a dream of the pirate captain, terrified, but being released from prison, and the next day, after sighting a Dragon-eel, they encountered the pirates ship, only now it is crewed by zombies. The session ended as the grapnels flew through the air and the two ships collided.


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