Seylum amber



Seylum’s first kill was at 9 ,a corrupt sheriff he used the the targets shellfish allergy to make it look like an accident when his hand was “accidentally” coated in a homemade crawfish paste . he was exiled from the town (out of formality) and made a living hunting small/medium prey and selling it just outside town. at 12 The townspeople started complaining about thefts from their homes including lumber and furniture, at the same time Seylum built a very nice treehouse where he lives. He heard from a bandit the whereabouts of the lost half-orc princess at 20. his treehouse was found abandoned the next day and all stolen furniture and tools were found in the town square (Lumber and other materials not included).

resident body of universe 7 for personality 14 of soul Z1231853211Y

(information courtesy of the library of psyche universe 0, planet 4, library 501, calling number: 12-12-Y8-3A-Z3-14D6)

Seylum amber

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