Rise of the Kingdoms: Gathering of Heroes

The heroes meet.

Tranic and the Senic Mountains

The party had traveled all the way from the Erina river to the port city of Tranic. They woke as captives aboard a pirate vessel disguised as a merchant ship. Ava, Thraya Sand and Seylum Amber fought their way up to the main deck slaying half the crew before Thraya was able to convince the captain that it was better to try to duel her. The captain was defeated and the ship returned to Tranic. On the way the party discovered that Thraya and Ava had bounties on their head from the gang they use to be members of.
In Tranic, the captain and his crew were turned in to the authorities. They received healing at the temple of Isani, prayed for luck the following day as they planned to cross the Senic mountains and bought supplies for the trip. Thraya and Ava have also become more wary of Seylum and his reasons for following them.
Part way up the mountains they were attacked by a couple Greenspawn bounty hunters. Both bounty hunters were slain, but not before one sounded alarm to the others.
They fled up the mountain and hid in a tunnel that the bounty hunters just ran by. The tunnels walls showed images of the history of Threa going further back the further in they went. After a while they decided to turn back, but were stopped when they encountered Erda.
Erda told them that they had some great destiny according to Wissen, the Scholar along with others, though she said she knew not who. She told them the tunnel would take them to the other side of the mountain, but they should rest till the next day as a colony of Skuirids had set up outside.
The next day they left and encountered the Skuirids. The fight was short but Seylum was nearly slain by Thraya in the darkness. They fled after grabbing one of the small nut like things that was left behind after the shadows dissipated.


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